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Exploring Scan Bodies in Dentistry!

8 June 2023

Scan Bodies in Dentistry

Scan Bodies in Dentistry

Welcome to our blog post on scan bodies in dentistry! In recent years, digital dentistry has revolutionized the way dental professionals approach various procedures, and scan bodies play a crucial role in this advancement.

What are Scan Bodies?

Scan bodies are small devices used in digital dentistry to capture accurate digital impressions of patients’ oral structures. They are typically made of biocompatible materials such as titanium or zirconia. These bodies have specific designs that correspond to different types of dental implants.

How do Scan Bodies Work?

The process begins by placing the scan bodies onto the dental implants or abutments. These bodies have distinct shapes and dimensions that match the implant systems being used. Once the scan bodies are in place, an intraoral scanner is used to capture digital images of the patient’s mouth.

The intraoral scanner scans the surface of the scan bodies, as well as the surrounding oral structures. The scanner’s software then processes the collected data to create a highly accurate digital model of the patient’s mouth, including the position and orientation of the dental implants.

Advantages of Scan Bodies

Scan bodies offer several advantages over traditional impression techniques:

  • Accuracy: Scan bodies provide highly accurate digital impressions, minimizing the chances of errors and ensuring precise measurements.
  • Efficiency: The digital scanning process is much faster compared to traditional methods, reducing chair time for patients.
  • Comfort: Patients often find digital scanning more comfortable than traditional impressions since it eliminates the need for bulky impression materials.
  • Improved Communication: Digital impressions can be easily shared with dental laboratories and other specialists, enhancing communication and collaboration between dental professionals.
  • Enhanced Treatment Planning: The detailed digital models obtained with scan bodies aid in accurate treatment planning, implant placement, and the fabrication of prosthetic restorations.


Scan bodies are integral components of digital dentistry, allowing for accurate and efficient digital impressions of dental implants. By leveraging the power of intraoral scanning technology, dental professionals can provide better treatment outcomes, improved patient experiences, and enhanced communication within the dental team.

We hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights into the role and benefits of scan bodies in dentistry. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us here for our dental resources as well as purchase our scan bodies at our Direct website here.

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