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The Duranext Duo™ Implant System features tapered, internal hex implants that are designed to allow easy insertion and exceptional stability. Manufactured out of high-quality titanium, these implants are able to osseointegrate with the bone. They are also backed by titanium’s metallurgical advantages, such as high strength and endurance.
12 January 2021
Master Technicians, State-Of-The-Art Technology & Unmatched Precision; All the things that make our Zirconia Crowns ELEGANT! Click on the video above to learn more on how we provide the best zirconia dental work in all NY!
12 January 2021
The instant loading of dental implants provides numerous benefits over postponed therapy choices, including (1) the medical stage usually being completed in one browse through, (2) the capability to prepare the pre-established occlusion beforehand to accomplish an instant useful and also aesthetic result, (3) decreasing total treatment time for the clear-cut restoration, and (4) a reduction in the variety of patient sees.
27 January 2020