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A digital workflow gives your practice a competitive advantage.

Choose from one of the following Rx forms and verify that all required boxes have been checked and information provided. Sending digital Case to our Elegant dental laboratory is simple and cost effective. Laboratory that send digital impressions to Elegant Dental will expedite your restorations. On this page we have included file submission buttons for the following formats.
  • Step One. Send Digital Impression

    3Shape Integration Submission or General file submission STL Format Submission General file submission You can also do the above by login into DDX. If you find any difficulty in submitting files via the buttons above, our technicians will happily accept your files via email at [email protected]. A specialist from our staff would also be happy to communicate with you via TeamViewer for one-on-one help with submissions. Elegant Dental accepts scans for the following platforms:
    • 3Shape’s TRIOS®
    • Sirona CEREC®
    • A3M™ True Definition Scanner
    • Align Technolgy iTero™
    • Carestream Dental’s CS 3500
    • PLANMECA CAD/CAM SOLUTIONS E4D Technologies PlanScan®
    3M™ True Definition Scanner link

    3M™ True Definition Scanner

    iTero® Element
    After receiving a scan file for a traditional or implant restoration, clinicians can transmit the data to an approved laboratory by selecting “Send” on the screen. Contact Align Technology directly to add Elegant Dental Laboratories to your list of “Favorite Labs.”
    Send your 3Shape TRIOS scans to Elegant Dental Laboratories using 3Shape Communicate™. TRIOS order forms can be customized to match specific information requirements and offerings from Elegant Dental Laboratories, making it easy to create new orders, attach 2-D images and convey all case aspects to our lab. Minutes after your scanning is complete, our lab technicians can receive your TRIOS digital impressions and immediately start designing your traditional or implant restoration. When your design is complete, a 3-D model will automatically be sent to the 3Shape Communicate site for you to review before we begin fabricating your restoration.
    3M™ True Definition Scanner
    3M True Definition scan files can be sent to Elegant Dental Laboratories for the design and fabrication of traditional or implant restorations. True Definition Scanner users can contact 3M ESPE directly to add Elegant Dental Laboratories to your list of connected labs.
    Planmeca PlanScan®
    Planmeca PlanScan users can send scans via the E4D®Sky network in order to export case files in an open file format (.stl). Upload the digital files to the “My Account” section of our website.
    CS 3500®
    Carestream CS 3500 users can send impression data in an open file format (.stl) to laboratories around the world. Elegant Dental Laboratories is a Carestream Dental Preferred Lab and is equipped to handle your case fabrication needs.
    Uploading All Other Digital Files
    Digital files can be uploaded in the “My Account” section of our website. If you are a current customer not registered for this feature, or if you are a new doctor, call us at (718) 375-5999 to set up your account.

    Step Two. Digital case designed

    Elegant Dental technicians will perform quality checks to make sure scans submitted to our offices conform with your desired fabrication outcome and preferences. Once restoration parameters and designs have been approved, the digital case will be sent to a dental technician who specializes in related materials and prostheses. Our office will reach out to you via email or phone with any tentative questions or concerns.

    Step Three.Case fabrication

    At this point your case will have gone through several layers of vetting before being placed in assembly. Below you will find short descriptions of how your case will merge from digital to physical reality. Monolithic restorations – Blocks made of solid ceramic compositions will be milled using 5-axes into the desired rough final result. Sintering will then set the prostheses’ properties for longer lasting esthetics and strength. The final result entails made-from-hand finishing touches to achieve lifelike dentition. PFM & Full-cast Prostheses – 3D printers will use use multiple layers of plastic material to achieve the design submitted in step two. Afterwards, a reverse mold is fabricated by covering the model in investment materials and then pressed. Technicians will then apply final shadings by hand. Implant restorations – A multitude of milling machines will be used to match the design constructed in step two with appropriate abutments. Preventative, partial, and removable appliances – 3D-printed models of patients’ physical makeup taken from digital scans are created for technicians to fabricate the desired appliance.

    Step Four. Track your order/package

    Log in to DDX to submit files, check your account, and track any orders you have submitted to Elegant Dental for fabrication.

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