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Duranext FDA 510(k)
Duranext Duo

Duranext Duo™ Implant System

One Platform for All Sizes

The Duranext Duo™ Implant System features tapered, internal hex implants that are designed to allow easy insertion and exceptional stability. Due to its innovative self-tapping, variable thread design, these implants are usable with a wide variety of bone situations. Manufactured out of high-quality titanium, these implants are able to osseointegrate with the bone. They are also backed by titanium’s meatalorgic advantages, such as high strength and endurance.

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  • Ti-6AI-4V ELI Titanium Alloy
  • Coated with Nano Active Surface Treatment
  • Variable Thread Design
  • Adheres to the Highest International Standards of Manufacturing
  • Approved by ISO Standards Institute and the FDA

Clinical Benefits:

  • Better Control During Placement
  • Greater Initial Placement Stability
  • Self-Drilling, Super Self-Tapping Feature
  • Self-Condensing
  • Self-Directing in Line of Insertion
duranext duo implant

Built-In Platform Switching

Prevent crestal bone loss by alleviating stress transferred from the abutment to the bone. Bone maintenance is fundamental for long-term success and stability. The built-in platform switching feature increases the volume of soft tissue around the implant platform, which helps make the final result more esthetic.

Micro Ring

Duranext Duo™ features a tapered coronal design and micro ring. These features are designed to reduce bone stress and minimize bone resorption. This feature will help maintain and optimize bone and soft tissue volume.

Dual Threads

The abutment increases stability and speeds up implant insertion through the use of dual threads. The tapered implant body and core both feature theses dual threads, as well as an optimal pitch of 1.0mm.

Progressive Threads

These threads aid in the initial stability of the implant. They have compression properties which allow for easy adjustment of the implant position during placement. The progressive threads are aided by drilling blades on the apex.

Implant Surface

Duranext Duo™ provides the ideal implant surface. A proper surface is paramount when it comes to optimal osseointegration. Backed by a unique process of sandblasted large grit particles and acid etching, these implants will ensure through osseointergration. The roughened micro and nano surface structure also improve bone adhesion, which significantly increase the surface area of the implant body.

Safe Insertion

The implant’s curved passive apex allows for safe implant insertion without the risk of damage to its surrounding.

duranext duo straight abutment
duranext duo Angled abutment
duranext duo Concave Anatomic Straight abutment
Concave Anatomic Straight
duranext duo Straight with Shoulder abutment
Straight with Shoulder
duranext duo Anatomic Angled abutment
Anatomic Angled
duranext duo Straight Clik abutment
Straight Clik
duranext duo Angled Clik abutment
Angled Clik

Angulated Multi-Unit Abutments

Includes Pre-Mounted Carrier & Pre-Mounted Abutment Screw

Available from the Duranext Duo™ Implant System, the angulated multi-unit abutments are an ideal option for both edentulous and partially edentulous arches. They offer a simplified workflow for both mandibular and maxilla cases. These angled abutments are a comprehensive restorative solution and feature superior quality and strength due to the use of titanium alloy.

  • Available in Variety of Sized 7 Angles
  • Low Profile
  • 45° Conical Connection
  • Sculpted Design
  • Retained Abutment Screw
angulated 64 degrees
angulated 90 degrees

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