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With the help of your restorative dentist, your smile can become picture perfect!.


Teeth that experience trauma or are no longer self-supportive require intervention, and one solution entails using a crown. A crown is a replacement tooth that goes over the original tooth that no longer functions well. Our mission at Elegant Dental is to produce this fake tooth using the natural characteristics of your mouth so that the crown looks like a natural extension of your mouth. Crowns are made from a variety of materials, including ceramic or metal materials. Your dentist will take various measurements to make sure you receive the exact tooth you need, and once the crown is made, it will be fit over your original tooth which will be filed down for a perfect fit.


If there is a gap in your teeth, a common solution is called a bridge. In a similar fashion to a crown, a bridge requires teeth to be filed down in order to prepare your mouth for your restoratives. However, rather than focusing on one space, the bridge requires work on both teeth on either side of the gap. Consequently, three teeth are fixed in this procedure, and Elegant Dental will provide the bridge that matches best to your natural dentition. Your dentist will calculate the correct physics needed so that your mouth receives an equal amount of balance, and we help provide the materials and final product.


Another opportunity to enhance the aesthetics and longevity of teeth include veneers. Imagine a beautiful but strong and thin cover for your teeth that mimics healthy dentition; this is a veneer. Besides providing a good look, veneers protect the original teeth underneath. Your dentist still might have to reduce some of the tooth in order to stop decay or prepare you for the best veneer possible. Generally veneers at Elegant Dental are made of porcelain, but other materials are available as well.


Over-the-counter mouthguards are widely available, but their main weakness lies in that their non-customized fit can leave your mouth exposed to trauma from impacts. Mouthguards that are fabricated to the shape of your mouth use the natural contours of your structure to evenly distribute force, and there are several levels of protection and customization that Elegant Dental can produce.

Custom Whitening Trays

Why would you purchase a custom white tray versus buying in-store products? The possibility of experiencing unbalanced whitening is greater when the device does not conform to your unique oral structure, and the chances of misuse are also greater. Elegant Dental’s whitening trays are made according to your dentist’s measurements and specifications, and in combination with bio-friendly materials, you will receive a safe and effective whitening treatment. Your dentist might offer other in-office whitening solutions, but if you are on a more frugal budget, custom-made whitening trays will bring the results you need at an affordable price.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Making loud breathing noises at night isn’t just inconvenient for others who share the same space as you; it might actually be an indicator that you are not sleeping well at night, and this has negative effects on your teeth, jaw, and muscles. In order to prevent suffocation, your jaw clenches down which has the effect of bringing your tongue forward and opening up the airways in your throat. Consequently this grinding wears down teeth and causes muscle and nerve pain. There are several devices Elegant Dental produces to stop snoring and avoid other side effects. You might have to undergo a sleep study in order to have a device made for you, and this can be done through your general practitioner and dentist.

Bite Splints

Life is stressful, and although there are several things you can do to reduce the occurrence of this in your life, you can mitigate the harmful effects stress can have on your mouth when you unknowingly gnash your teeth. Bite splints protect your jaw from grinding (bruxism) during waking or sleeping hours by cushioning both the bottom and upper teeth from pressure. Elegant Dental fabricates several splints based on your needs and doctor specifications, and sometimes a splint might not be necessary if you need a device that instead brings your tongue forward at night to assist in breathing.


One of the oldest solutions is still a viable one, and with today’s technology, dentures can look incredibly natural and stay in place during daily operations. Just as implants help bone structure, dentures have the same effect in stimulating the muscles in your mouth so that facial features look youthful and avoid sunken aesthetics. Dentures can be removable or “permanent” where they are stuck in place in a hygienic manner and can only be removed by a dentist. Dentures and other natural regions of your mouth can be maintained easily through regular brushing.

Implant Options

Unlike a crown, bridge, or veneer, implants require no original tooth. An implant is a fabricated tooth that is inserted into the bone of your mouth, and this device has three parts: a screw, a holder, and the new tooth. The screw is placed inside the bone of your mouth while the holder (abutment) connects the screw to your new tooth. Just like crowns and veneers, your dentist will take multiple measurement to make sure your tooth looks natural, plus there will be other calculations to see if your bone is strong enough for the implant. Receiving an implant requires minor surgery, and there are multiple options that either have your new tooth installed later or same-day.

Implants can either cover one tooth or many, and thankfully patients don’t need a single implant for every tooth needing replacement. For example, if you have an entire row of teeth that need to be replaced, Elegant Dental would make a set of teeth that only require four, six, or eight implants rather than 16. Sometimes screw can go straight into the bone below your original teeth while other times people with bone loss might have the implants directed at an angle so they have a stronger base.

Another non-intuitive benefit of implants is that they help to make your face look balanced and younger. People who have gaps for a long time in their mouths will experience rapid bone loss, and this can make faces look sunken and aged. Implants can stop this pattern and even encourage bone growth to restore normal facial appearance.