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Digital Models & Printing

Elegant Dental Laboratory is committed to providing technicians the ultimate flexibility in restoration and prosthetic fabrication, and that is why we rely on more than one printing machine and software to service dentists everywhere. Our employees of various technical backgrounds are able to enter our lab on day one to provide your dental office with the materials your patients need. The investments made in multiple platforms and printers inspire our laboratory to stay at the head of development and fabrication, and we believe the software and printing mechanisms below aid in our dependability as one of Brooklyn’s best dental labs.

Envisiontec Perfactory® – Modeling Success

Elegant Dental can fabricate full anatomical wax-ups with the Envisiontec Perfactory®, a compact 3-D modeler. Reading the STL file output from our 3Shape D700 scanner, the Perfactory manufactures the anatomical wax-up – saving our technicians incredible amounts of time and labor. Faster turn-times and restorations founded on CAD/CAM production will enable you to deliver higher-quality restorations at greater efficiency

Elegant Dental’s use of Envisiontec Perfactory® will provide you and your patients the most exact wax-up during preparation appointments. We’re used to performing a variety of esthetic cases, so a feature like the golden proportion in the anterior segment is another characteristic of our wax-ups that are carefully applied during fabrication. All of the above factors combined contribute to quality temporaries as well, and after having patients choose their favorite smile, Elegant Dental will be able to produce wax-ups in no time.

Our dental laboratory strives to consistently update lab technology, which is why we’re happy to use the latest Envisiontec Perfactory® products for high-precision dental models. Powerful LED systems help us keep costs down compared to previous models by reducing energy expenditures and extending the life of our machines.


nother printer our lab uses is called the Form 2 from FormLabs. This machine founded by the Massachusetts company lasers materials up to 25-100 micron resolution with laudable finishes while leaving lower environmental footprints. 16 quadrants in 8.5 hours, 4 full arches in 8 hours, 7 splints in 2 hours, 18 quarter-arch surgical guides in 4.5 hours, plus many more fabrication types and times allow us to serve dentists and their offices in no time. Elegant Dental Laboratory has multiple Form 2 printers, and we are able to service dental offices even when upticks in demand keep you and your staff busy.

In addition to its mechanical capabilities, the Form 2 integrates 3Shape CAD, and with this time-saving feature our technicians are able to complete your cases without interrupting workflow.

Investing in new tech allows us to pass on the long-term savings to you and your patients, and if you would like to know more about how we use Envisiontec in our laboratory and how this can benefit your office, contact us at [email protected].

Open Technologies Scanner with Exocad Software

Elegant Dental Laboratories uses Open Technologies scanners which provide five-axis scanning at 5-micron precision. With two cameras capturing 3D imagery, these machines assist our lab in scanning your models with a degree of accuracy rivaled by few scanners. lts Exocad software provides optimal design capabilities and integrates with our Wieland Zeno™ mill to produce remarkably precise restorations.

Open Technology’s scanners with Exocad Software are staples of our technicians’ craftwork. The program’s workflow integrated into the process conforms with industry standards while based on best-practices, and the machine’s ability to allow for the use of any articulator gives our lab the flexibility to move ahead with designing prosthetics and restoratives without worry about part-to-part specifications. The program also assists our lab in taking the still-lives of your cases to real-world simulations that provide a view of how these models will open and close for patients.

Whether our technicians work with your models using modular or open approaches, our decades of experience complement the use of Open Technologies and Exocad software within the context and uniqueness of your patients’ cases. Few New York dental laboratories can state that they use a variety of instruments, software, and techniques like Elegant Dental, and if you would like to know more about how we can enhance your cases speed, accuracy, and cost savings, email [email protected].

CAM Software

Patient to restoration or prosthetic installation is a journey with multiple steps, but an integral aspect of that process is Elegant Dental Laboratories’ ability to transfer all of the measurements, design, and scanning to our milling machines. Our technicians use hyperDENT CAM software for a smoother transition from concept to physical product.

hyperDENT offers a variety of user-friendly capabilities for our staff, and one feature in particular allows technicians to anticipate specific situations and plan for them accordingly. Doing so helps to avoid delays and errors while also planning for specific tools and depths if the fabrication trajectory changes. The end result is less materials being wasted and faster restorations for your patients.

Although there are various automated processes and modules that assist in fabrication, hyperDENT gives enough creative space to Elegant Dental’s staff who have their own strategies to produce the best restorations and prostheses. hyperDENT’s full-sized template generator enables our technicians to implement their pro knowledge based on previous CAD models and program those preferences into the milling process; relying on pre-set definitions helps, but sometimes professionals have their own styles and methods, and Elegant Dental respects our workers’ individual talents in this sphere.

A great CAM system would be nothing without the ability to integrate with the industry’s go-to CAD systems, and this simplifying process helps transfer over emergence profiles, margin lines, and a variety of other important aspects of CAD development that reduce manual work steps and stream workflows. Another worthwhile feature of hyperDENT’s use in our labs is the autonesting feature as this helps our operators in eliminating any requirements to manually estimate or calculate the perfect positions of objects. Finally, in the interest of avoiding any collisions, milling parameters are automatically expanded in case a situation does arise.

Elegant Dental also uses the many hyperDENT modules to optimize and quicken any orders your dental office needs. Milling implant bars, screw-retained bridges, and single abutments are automated using the Implant Module, and fabricating materials with the Denture Module eliminates over 50% of past necessary steps. Also, in keeping true to our most advanced operators’ talents and preferences, the hyperDENT Template Generator Module enables technicians to produce restorations and prostheses entirely without limits using the most advanced tools available in the CAM program.

Call Elegant Dental toll free at (877)-335-5221 or email [email protected] to see how we can fabricate the following restorations and prostheses using hyperDENT CAM software.

  • Copings
  • Coping bridges
  • Crowns
  • Crown bridges
  • Abutments
  • Abutment bridges
  • Abutment crown bridges
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Inlays and Onlay bridges
  • Telescopes
  • Bitesplints
  • Models
  • Full lower Dentures
  • Full upper Dentures
  • Full Dentures
  • And more…

Milling Machines

Elegant Dental Laboratories uses three brands of milling machines: Imes-Icore, Ivoclar, and Arum. You might have already read that we value the individual preferences and talents of our technicians, and that is certainly one reason why we prefer to have a diversity of machinery at our laboratory. In addition to appreciating our staff’s capabilities, having several types of machines prompts our business to remain committed to monitoring and updating existing tech as it enters the market. Your patients’ cases might also require very unique specifications, and we know which milling machine will work best to integrate with the right CAD & CAM software along with the appropriate tools.

Mills are design to produce partial or full restorations using digital or physical impressions. The materials used can include zirconia, resins, ceramics, was, or alloys, all of which help to create copings, abutments, crowns, implants, bridges, and more. Milling machines have different capacities and work optimally with certain materials, so Elegant Dental’s staff undergoes continuous education and has close ties with manufacturers to increase the accuracy and efficiency in delivering restorations to your dental office.

Arum Milling Mac

This low-maintenance machine provides high reliability and user-friendly systems. One particular highlight is its almost universal compatibility with various intraoral scanners, and the 5-axis milling allows for simultaneous production. The automatic tool changer also prevents any delays in fabrication due to any possibility of worn or broken instruments, and the high performance spindle adds to the ±5㎛ accuracy in your patients’ prostheses.

Custom abutments, bridges, dental bars, inlays/onlays, crowns and copings are possible using Arum. The machine works with a variety of material, including Lava Ultimate®, titanium, zirconia, Co-Cr, Ni-Cr, PMMA, glass ceramic, wax, and others. A water tank specifically for zirconia production is also implemented to add to our emphasis on producing restoratives as quickly as possible for dental officers using our services.

Zenotec Models from Ivoclar Wieland

The partial and full automaticity of Zenotec models assists Elegant Dental in fabricating your restorations within an hour or even producing multiple cases overnight while our laboratory is closed. The 16-position tool changer substitutes worn instruments automatically so that production carries on efficiently without the need of operator intervention.

The Zenotec milling machines also process dry and wet operations, with the first being able to fabricate restorations using waxes, CoCr, zirconia, and acrylic materials, while the wet operation uses glass ceramics, composites, and acrylic substances. Zenotec’s structure combined with its own CAM software leaves a small footprint which also helps to lower the cost of producing patients’ restorations. Using optimized milling geometries and strategies, Zenotec’s CAM software is able to provide enhanced computing times and extra room for nesting.


iMES-iCORE is known for its heavy-duty fabrication capabilities with up to 90 units being manufactured without changing any tools. Aluminum oxide, NP-allows, titanium, zirconium oxide, as well as resins and wax can be used to create the prostheses and restorations your dental office needs. Dry and wet millings are possible with CORiTEC milling capabilities.

Inlays, onlays, crowns, bridge frameworks, veneers, and crowns are a few of the products our CORiTEC machines can produce. In addition to the above, these machines also fabricate sport splints, bite splints, night guards, and removable partials made with PMMA/WAX. Elegant Dental’s CORiTEC millers also produce abutments within 20 – 30 minutes while fabricating six of them simultaneously. This saves your dental office and patients the time and money usually required when ordering these products.

Which machine is perfect for my patients’ needs?

Dental laboratory technicians are trained to use the most optimal equipment based on your office’s case, milling capabilities, CAD/CAM specialties, and individual staff talents. The key to providing the perfect restorative, splint, or prosthesis is a multifactorial approach within dynamic contexts, and with constant upgrades to our equipment, you can be sure that Elegant Dental Laboratories will provide your office with the best and quickest restoratives in New York.

For questions about how we can stream your dental office’s cases while providing convenient pickup/drop off delivery, contact one of our operators at 877-335-5221 or email [email protected].

Laser Welding

Traditional soldering can cause small voids in materials, consequently creating breeding grounds for bacteria and bad breath. Saliva can also penetrate joints, weaken the restorative over time, and drive the appliance towards a greater likelihood of failure. Elegant Dental uses laser welding instead to fuse principal materials together without any additional elements. The result of this are strengths of up to 250% more than soldering and pore-resistant materials.

The combined strength plus greatly minimizing any porosity from the fabrication process provides a more hygenic restorative with very low chances of failure. The absence of heat during the laser welding process also removes the possibility of distorted and damaged porcelain, acrylic or composite.

Our dental laboratory in New York employs the Zantech Lwd1 to fabricate structurally sound restoratives and prostheses, and the use of different non-precious, semi-precious, and gold alloys helps fortify these dental appliances.