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Why Bleaching Trays From Your Dental Lab Are Safer for Your Teeth?

22 February 2023

Teeth whitening treatments provided by dentists are a more effective and safer approach to improving the color of teeth than over-the-counter alternatives. These custom bleaching trays are made from an impression of the patient’s mouth, so they fit properly.

Bleaching trays can also be purchased over-the-counter, but those are typically one-size-fits-all appliances. They rarely fit well, which can lead to uneven whitening or irritation.

Teeth whitening with custom bleaching trays

Teeth whitening treatments usually start with the dentist taking a close look at the patient’s teeth to find any existing dental issues. Whitening damaged teeth can lead to severe teeth sensitivity and pain. In some cases, it can lead to permanent damage to gum tissues and teeth. The dentist will also evaluate the patient’s teeth to determine the cause of their stains. Whitening treatments are great on stains caused by smoking, foods/beverages and aging. Other types of stains, like those caused by tooth decay and tetracycline antibiotics, rarely go away after whitening treatments. These types of stains can be covered up with restorations like dental bonding, veneers, and crowns. Once the dentist has cleared the patient for teeth whitening treatments, the patient is asked to bite down on a mold that leaves an impression of their teeth. The impression is sent to a lab that makes mouth trays and other dental restorations. It takes about two weeks for the customized whitening trays to be ready.

The benefits of using bleaching trays

A custom whitening tray fits well on a patient’s teeth, which leads to improved whitening as their teeth are evenly immersed in the bleaching agent. The mouth tray also helps prevent the bleaching solution from getting into the person’s gums during treatment. The hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide in such products can irritate gum tissues or damage them. Custom bleaching trays also come with the added benefit of having a dentist explain how to properly use it. These are long-lasting appliances that can last the rest of the patient’s life if they do not have major dental work done. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that custom bleaching trays are the safer option when whitening teeth. They are effective at keeping the bleaching product exactly where it needs to be: on the patient’s teeth.

Maintaining the results of teeth whitening treatments

Teeth are constantly bombarded by things that can stain them, which is why most people develop stains and discoloration on their teeth over time. Whitening treatments can restore teeth to their original color or make them whiter. Here are simple things that patients can do to maintain their teeth’s new color:
  • Practice good dental hygiene, which helps prevent new stains
  • Use whitening toothpaste a couple of times per week
  • Avoid foods/beverages with strong colors, like pasta sauce and red wine
  • Perform maintenance whitening treatments as needed

Get your custom bleaching tray

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