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One Platform for All Sizes

With Our DuraMulti™, you should have the freedom to choose the right implant component for your patient. For patients who need implant solutions, having the right option to best serve their needs is what matters most. With the introduction of the DuraMulti™, our portfolio of abutments for screw-retained restorations has significantly broadened, giving you more choice in protocol, available products, and specific degrees, angles and cuff heights.

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  • Angled design repositions the restorative platform aiming to improve prosthetic screw access and designed to facilitate path of insertion of the prosthesis
  • 15° cone taper allows for an additional 15° of angulation correction
  • The 1.2 mm low-profile cone allows for use when there is limited interocclusal space
  • Multiple cuff heights aims to allow for more customized selection based on the patient’s soft-tissue measurements
  • Provides angulation correction for off-axis implant placement
    – 15° Angled Tapered Abutment: Corrects up to 30° of divergence
    – 30° Angled Tapered Abutment: Corrects up to 45° of divergence


  • Allows dental implants to be placed in the jaw without the need for a sinus lift, which can save time and money
  • The angulation of MUA can provide better support for the dental prosthetic
  • Allows different implant systems to be used in coordination with one another

More Choice. More Compatibility.

DuraMulti™ share the same restorative platform as tapered abutments, so there’s no need to learn new restorative techniques. Restorative components are interchangeable so inventory checks and stocking requirements for your practice are also minimized, thanks to the common 4.5 mmD restorative platform.

DuraMulti™ 30° are 25% stronger than competitor 30° Multi-unit Abutments in fatigue strength testing and over 80% stronger in compression strength testing

About DuraMulti™:

Made and manufactured in the USA, the DuraMulti™ is a complete portfolio of products that works with multiple protocols. Our tapered abutments represent the traditional abutment profile for partially edentulous or edentulous, screw-retained multiple-unit restorations.

Conical screw-receiving platform extends through the tissue aiming to facilitate simple abutment-level procedures and restorations for screw-retained dentures and bar overdenture applications

1.2 mm low-profile cone and 15° tapered walls are designed to provide ease in delivering the framework and achieving a passive fit.

Encapsulated screw for ease of use