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A Dental Laboratory Serving Dental Practices & Laboratories Since 2007

Elegant Dental Laboratories is a dedicated dental partner for both clinicians and dental laboratories. We are backed by the latest digital advancements and processes, which ensures every restoration we craft will offer long-lasting esthetics and durability. Founded as a three-person lab, Elegant Dental Laboratories has now grown to over 30 expert technicians. In addition to providing high-quality lab work to dental practices, Elegant Dental Laboratories also serves as an outsourcing partner to dental labs. We believe every practice and patient should experience the benefits of the latest technology, but also understand that not every lab can invest in digital dentistry. We offer outsourcing services to provide access to digitally backed restorations to every lab.

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Elegant Dental Laboratories is offering a whole new promotion with Catapult Grow™. We are offering 50% OFF your first 5 units of any type! All you have to do is create a DDX account and in that portal, use the coupon code “Catapult50” in the note section of your case or in the prescription.

We’re also offering design services to our catapult grow clients. Scans received today will be delivered tomorrow for $15 and same day express service will get your design made in 40 minutes for $22.

Elegant Dental Laboratories is proud to serve as a resource to clinicians and fellow laboratories throughout the nation. Our team utilizes the latest digital advancements to ensure all our restorations and services exceed expectations. Whether you are in need of high-quality crown and bridge solutions, innovative removable prostheses, or trustworthy implant restorations, you can rely on Elegant.

What is Catapult Grow™ ?

Catapult Grow™ is a new kind of GPO, one that is focused on a full suite of solutions - not just supplies.

Catapult Grow is informed by education, practice-advocacy, quality, and transparency.

Our goal partnering with Catapult Grow™ is to advocate for our dentists to facilitate long-lasting relationships between them and us at Elegant Dental Laboratories.

Continue learning your Dental Expertise.

Elegant Dental Laboratories is where excellence meets innovation!
As your trusted partner in dental care, we take pride in being a valuable resource for clinicians and laboratories nationwide.

Teaming up with Catapult, we bring you an unparalleled opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of dentistry. Our complimentary webinar courses provide a front-row seat to the latest advancements, ensuring you're always on the cutting edge. The best part? You can elevate your skills while earning college credits, all at no cost to you.

At Elegant Dental Laboratories, we believe in not just meeting standards but exceeding them. Join us on this journey of continuous learning and professional growth. Elevate your practice with knowledge—because in dentistry, precision and expertise make all the difference.