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Cast Partials

Elegant Dental fabricates the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing cast partials so that your patients can easily secure clasps and reduce occlusal gaps. Our lab technicians use Vitallium® 2000 for its higher elongation value, predictable adjustments, and fracture resistance. Because Vitallium 2000 alloys act like gold, precise fits and anti-deformation are the norm with this cast partials. Another important feature of our cast partials makeup is their biocompatibility as Vitallium is free of nickel and beryllium.

The long-term benefits of prescribing Elegant Dental cast partials to your patience include the restorative’s abilities to minimise tissue change, distribute occlusal pressure evenly, massage underlying bone and soft tissue, prevent teeth from shifting, and eliminate any tipping strain on teeth.

If you find your patients are partially edentulous, have previous trauma to the jaw bone, and experience a periodontal condition of any remaining teeth, our cast partials will be a worthwhile addition for any wearers in need of this prosthetic.

Cast Partials
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