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BruxZir® Anterior

An ideal alternative to IPS e.max® restorations, BruxZir® Anterior crowns offer functional and esthetic benefits for patient’s oral anterior regions. Typical translucency and coloring lend to a natural look while flexural strength of 650 MPa offer the stability to maintain functionality in patient’s daily lives.

Premolar and anterior cases are prime candidates for BruxZir® Anterior, and the strength of the material exceeds ISO requirements. Only 0.8 mm of reduction is required for prep compared to monolithic glass ceramic prostheses, and the material is indicated for 3-unit bridges or single-unit crowns.

Elegant Dental Lab is an Authorized BruxZir® Lab and uses the latest CAD/CAM technology to make sure your patient’s new restorations have the perfect look and fit.

BruxZir® Anterior
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