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All-On Cases

Full arch rehabilitation cases that are permanently screwed into implants offer a long lasting alternative to dentures that may need maintenance over time. Elegant Dental provides these All-On 4, 6, and 8 solutions with four different approaches:

  1. Traditional Acrylic with Titanium Substructure
    • Titanium frame merged with implant interface that includes denture teeth and acrylic adherence.
    • Reduced implant force
    • Cost-efficient cured acrylic base
    • Wears independently of opposing teeth
  2. SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis
    • Mix of monolithic composite with milled CO/CR
    • Polishable and easily repaired in patients’ mouths
    • Lighter than zirconia
    • Same tooth wear rate as natural dentition
  3. Zir.MAX.M® Hybrid (Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained Full Arch Prosthesis)
    • Maximum flexural strength to 1200 MPa
    • Endures challenging occlusal loads
    • Least likely to chip
  4. Porcelain fused to metal hybrid prosthesis
    • The most versatile of available treatment solutions
    • Decades of proven longevity
    • The least vertical required of other hybrid options

If you would like to know which approach is best for your case, call or contact us so we can help you

All-On Cases
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