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Valplast Digital Partials

Our Valplast digital partials are designed to provide patients with the most accurate fitting restoration possible. Fabricated from flexible nylon resin, Valplast flexible partials will not break under normal wear and tear, and incorporating digital technology assists Elegant Dental in producing partial dentures with a drastic reduction in materials, time, and labor.

Valplast removable partial dentures are an exceptional alternative for patients who suffer from allergic reactions to acrylic or metallic dental materials. In the case that patients are unable to have a bridge affixed because of a lack of teeth or financial limitations, Valplast RPDs serve to fill the space and enable regular daily processes.

These removable flexible partials serve patients well from across the spectrum for the utility, gentle but firm fit, and their ease in cleaning. Elegant Dental can help your dental office decide whether Valplast partials would be suitable for any of your patients in question.

Valplast Digital Partials
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