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PFM & Full-cast

Attention to detail from the pouring of the models to the trimming of the dies under a microscope, to the final polishing of the gold collars are all accomplished with great care by each technician. PFM crowns offer a perfect balance between the strength of a full-cast crown and the esthetics of an all-ceramic, and we fabricate each PFM to exacting details.

Our adherence to tooth morphology (emergence profile and occlusal anatomy) and marginal integrity are held to the highest standard. All our crowns (gold or porcelain) are checked for final contacts on solid uncut models to ensure accurate fit.

Elegant Dental offers these PFM and full-cast restorative products:

  • Gold, semi-precious and non-precious PFMs
  • Full-cast crowns
  • Maryland bridges
  • Inlays/onlays